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Main research interests

Our focus in research and teaching is in the broad field of special education and inclusion. In particular, we look at the micro-level of instruction, i.e. “learning” and “teaching” on the individual level of students.

Individual learning and participation processes (“Learning”)

On the one hand, we conduct empirical studies on learning and participation processes in classrooms (especially in spoken and written language) in order to improve our knowledge about impairments and social barriers. As a result, we generate insights into how pupils develop their learning potential and can use it for themselves. In addition, the results could be used by teachers to understand which learning and participation barriers exist, and how they can be overcome.

Evidence-based practices for everyday school life (“Teaching”)

On the other hand, we evaluate assessment and teaching methods with regard to their feasibility (implementation) and effectivity in everyday classroom settings. We focus on inclusive methods that teachers can use to link assessment, intervention, and evaluation in heterogeneous classes to reduce learning and participation barriers.

Our values

Since special education categories overlap strongly (in theoretical and practical terms), we work cross-categorically (e.g., special learning needs, emotional behavioral disturbances, speech and language impairments) and interdisciplinary (special education, educational sciences, psychology and psycholinguistics). We stand for a strong empirical special education as a scientific discipline and for a cooperative and transparent research culture.

We look forward to hearing from you!